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Summary 0000804: Mineral vein inclusions within large clusters behave incorrectly
Revision 2010-04-23 10:14 by Footkerchief
Description When minerals occur as veins within a large cluster (rather than within a layer stone), the inclusions are sometimes placed within other veins or small clusters which happen to intersect the target large cluster, often reducing them to single tiles. This is most noticeable with native platinum spawning within large clusters of magnetite.
Revision 2010-04-23 10:12 by Footkerchief
Description Native platinum is specified to occur within magnetite and olivine as veins and within chromite (and "alluvial" deposits) as small clusters. However, a vast majority of native platinum deposits within magnetite are rather tiny, and *all* native platinum deposits within olivine appear as small clusters.

It looks like the native platinum "veins" within magnetite are actually being placed within existing small clusters (usually gems, but sometimes stuff like saltpeter or petrified wood) and veins (bituminous coal, lignite, hematite, and limonite) that happen to have been placed within the cluster.

For olivine, it seems like the native platinum may be being placed specifically as small clusters due to it inheriting the inclusion token from chromite - this behavior was also seen consistently in and went away once platinum was modded to no longer appear within chromite.

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