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0010191Dwarf FortressCombat -- Target Selectionpublic2017-04-11 18:132017-04-12 07:10
Windows 10 x64Windows10
0010191: Game crashes when elf merchants are attacked
Whenever elf merchants are attacked by military dwarves, the game crashes.
Begin a Dwarf Fortress game and when elf merchants arrive, order your military to attack them.
I have tried this with multiple fortresses on different worlds and consistently run into this problem. I do not yet know if this is the case with all merchants or only elven ones. It seems to only occur with merchants, as attacking wild animals, performers, uninvited guessts, or goblin invaders does not crash the game.
0.43.05, 64-bit, combat, crash, merchant, merchants
duplicate of 0010067resolved Toady One Game immediately crashes when entering combat with elven caravan. 
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