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0001026Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Farm Plotspublic2010-04-11 17:532010-06-09 06:45
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0001026: Farm Plots Aren't Utilized Properly
I am producing farms by watering stone (via hole and pond zoning from surface) in my current fortress. The 3x3 rooms I create are completely muddied before I lay down a farm plot. Each plot however only has four of the nine squares used, each in the same pattern.


= farmed
X unused

The amount of mud varies from tile to tile, but seems to have no baring on reproducing the pattern.
Reproduced twice in the same fortress. Have not tried this in other fortresses or different types of rock/soil/etc.
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duplicate of 0000087resolved Toady One If one tile of a farm plot is dry or has the wrong biome, it also prevents the succeeding tiles from getting planted 
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2010-04-11 18:27   
I would guess this is due to the farm plot straddling a biome boundary. Is that possible on your map?
2010-04-11 20:32   
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this feels similar to the problems in 0000087 but you say you're fully watering your farms so I'm not sure what's going on here. I don't have enough information to reproduce this and test further.

2010-04-11 20:34   
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actually, stop... where is the "hole"?
Is the center tile in your farm exposed to the outside ?

2010-04-11 21:50   
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Just started an outdoor farm, whole farm space utilized as opposed to my underground farms.

My underground farms are one floor below the surface. They are 3x3 rooms. The center tile on the surface was broken through and water was poured in using the Pond zoning feature. These holes were later built over with stone floors.

Just did some checking, and yeah DZ, its considered to be in the Light in the center farm tile despite having a stone floor built over the hole above. Did some digging, and after some minor fort flooding, I was able to build a plot underground with no light tiles in it. The dwarves filled it dutifully.

Guess I discovered a feature, beyond the whole not being able to block light thing.

2010-04-11 21:55   
The Doctor is correct, then - as soon as it reached the middle tile below where you carved a hole, it stalled further planting as in 0000087.
2010-04-11 22:04   
right right, that explains this one then. it's a bug in the farm that it's not utilizing the remaining tiles. Not using the center tile is correct however.

As for it being "light" that is consistent behavior with 40d. once a tile is "above ground" it is always above ground. although you can probably convert it to dark by replacing that floor with a wall instead.

It won't change the behavior of the farm however. It's still an above ground tile, so it's only good for surface plants. You'll need to make new farms.
2010-04-11 22:19   
Good catch, DZ. I'm marking this one as a duplicate and retitling 0000087 accordingly.