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0010308: Crash when invader triggers either Weapon trap or Cage trap while using Tileset.
Game crashes when invading goblins trigger multiple(?) weapon traps/ cage traps whilst not using the default tileset.

(i say ? because it can either crash on the first trap a goblin steps on, or the third, but the way ive set it up it seems to always crash.)

If using the default tileset, the game does not crash.

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13138 [^]
Just resume gameplay after changing tileset and let the invading goblins run into the weapon and cage traps.
I have been using Lazy Noob Pack for this with DFhack, using the reveal, unreveal, autodump, and clean all commands.
As well as the Mike Mayday tileset
I do not know how much this would affect the save in this way to cause crashes.

I have installed a fresh installation of dwarf fortress and copied the save over and the crash still happens if i change the tileset, even to the 16x16 curses tileset already provided.

But seems to work fine without the tileset.
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duplicate of 0009888resolved Toady One Wear-related crash when triggerring a weapon trap 
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It also seems to rarely crash for me when not using a tileset either.
2017-10-16 02:21   
Bug report 0009888 is fixed in the next release. I suspect the tile set swap connection is a red herring.
Given the next release isn't that far off (although it will take some additional time for tile sets etc. to catch up), I'd recommend retrying the save with that release to see if the issue is resolved.
2017-10-16 03:43   
Ah, my bad, i thought that 0009888 was already fixed in 43.05.
You're probably right with the tileset thing though, will try that when the next release is released, ill just use curses16x16 to test it.