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0010608Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Raidspublic2018-03-10 15:432018-03-13 10:54
Toady One 
x64Windows 10
0010608: Captured livestock goes berserk when assigned for work
Assigning an animal which was captured in a raid causes it to go berserk and attack dorfs.
In the save linked below there are three dogs pastured in the entrance-way. The two war dogs were brought on embark. They can be assigned with no issues (I think).

The third dog (not a war dog yet) was captured on a raid.
Wait a couple of ticks and the animal trainer will come make him a war dog.
Assign him to the military commander and a few seconds after turning off pause it will bolt from the pasture and attack someone.
Raid for livestock.
Train livestock for war (or hunting - not tested)
Assign to military personnel (not tested with assigning to regular dorfs)
Recent reports menu shows a battle with a giant war cheetah. Same bug, more damage.

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13552 [^]
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2018-03-10 15:51   
(Various raw tweaks in this modded world. No additonal Dfhackery, etc used)
Toady One   
2018-03-11 21:11   
Ah, they were missing their quick civ lookup that regular creatures have, so the "tame" flag stopped saving them once they became historical figures, and the dwarves attacked. Should be fixed; try to patch up the civ id in old saves too for tame creatures.