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0010658Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screenpublic2018-03-23 19:162018-03-28 15:15
Toady One 
0010658: Copy schedule order doesn't copy "inactive=uniformed" setting
Completely trivial, but since I'm looking at oddness in the military screen anyhow and this one doesn't seem to be reported already, here's a report (apologies if my search failed).

When you set your military schedules, copying an order will fail to pick up your setting for "inactive=uniformed/civ clothes".

"Sleep in barracks/room at need/will" setting copies ok, so you'd expect inactive= to as well. Instead you have to set it manually for every month.
(m) Military screen
(s) Schedule
Set your orders for Granite and change to (u)inactive=civ clothes (and (s)sleep in barracks order to something other than default)
Copy order
Paste to following month, note how inactive= setting remains as "uniformed" (while barracks setting copies correctly along with the actual orders).
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