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0010743: Some marksdwarves never check fortifications on patrol route
Some Marksdwarves won't follow a patrol path exactly. They don't go near fortifications along that path unless forced to.
Ideally I want the Marksdwarves to use the fortifications, and shoot through them. I believe this is a bug, because patrolling fortifications is a main use of Marksdwarves.
Make two decent sized rooms, separated by fortifications. Release some dangerous creatures trapped in one. Set a patrol route exactly along the foritifications, using two points. Assign the squad to use the patrol route, under the alert screen.
As well, Marksdwarves are even less likely to use fortifications for station commands next to the fortifications.

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duplicate of 0002697new  Military dwarfs won't shoot through fortifications (though hunters will) 
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Dwarves rarely go exactly where you want them to... presumably by design. You can encourage your dwarves to patrol along the fortifications by setting traffic designations, building walls or statues, using "chokepoints" (e.g. a single-tile stairway on both sides of the desired route), etc. It would be nice if low-skill marksdwarves were smart enough to approach the fortifications to engage threats on the other side, but that's veering into suggestion territory.