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Toady One 
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0001084: Child making artifact, continues gathering materials forever!
I currently have a child in my fort that has been gathering materials for just about a year now. He claimed a craftsdwarf workshop, and is gathering rocks. LOTS of rocks.. and I dont think he will stop until he has every rock in the fortress gathered up.

I locked him in his room for a while, and he then actually lists his demands. He needs rocks, body parts (doom!), silk and logs.

I SHOULD have the body parts he needs, since I'm big on butchering, while also having a snailman shell in a stockpile on the level below him
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related to 0001416resolved Toady One Moody dwarves claim workshops outside their burrow, haul infinite number of items, never start construction 
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You have a save while he's gathering materials, right? http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] Also, were the civilians confined to a burrow a la Planepacked? http://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/Planepacked#Possible_explanation_suggested [^]

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After swapping to 31.03, the issue resolved itself.

Possibly the bug was caused by some "body part" issue thing.

Can provide a 31.01 save.

At some points civilians were confined, but that was after he had gathered about 40 or so rocks.

(Bronze Collosus at the surface, and unkillable beast in the depths)
2010-06-25 09:38   
Suggest closing this, works in 31.03.