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0001122: Cave loot drinks are not in a container...
When approaching caves that have loot, the booze now appears in pools on the floor instead of actually being inside a container. Now, certain looters might be dumb, but somehow I don't think they should be dumping out the barrels of drink (except, perhaps, into their stomach) for no good reason.
Find a cave that has loot. Most of these, I recall, were associated with giant quests.
adventure mode, booze, Cave
related to 0000621confirmed Footkerchief On reclaim, contents of barrels drop to the ground. 
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It's been this way since Presumably, they only stole the booze itself, not the barrel in which it was contained.

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Oh yeah, I remember that now. The only difference is now it forms a puddle instead of being a lump of 5 booze items. The result is that, unless you walk over it, you can get infinite booze due to that other bug with puddles...