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Toady One 
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0011361: Militia dwarves start killing citizens after barony elevation of fort. 47.02
When this game is loaded, you'll see that the outpost liason is headed off the map. When he exits, the fort will shortly become a barony afterwards. In the main entrance of the fort, there are 3 militia dwarves (can center on it by hitting F1). One is the mayor, who will become the baron (he often seems to be the first person to use lethal force). You need do nothing but observe the fort for a while.

A dwarven caravan is at the fort, and usually by the time it has departed (sometimes a little before, sometimes just after), the random killing of fortress citizens will have begun. The time may vary, but eventually the wrong person will pass by those training militia dwarves, and the killing begins, which additionally leads to a general loyalty cascade.

This fort ran for 8 or 9 years with no issue like this at all. This problem begins only once the fort is promoted to a barony. I even reloaded an old save to before the barony declaration, and observed everthing running fine for an additional year, by refusing to allow the fort to be declared a barony. But, the next year, when allowing it to be declared, I got the same behavior. Eventually those soldiers catch sight of someone they don't like (maybe a spy, unbeknownst to the player?) and start killing citizens, and sometimes visitors.

If you would like to test the whole non-barony thing you could use DFhack (if it's working with 47.02) to kill or stop the liason from leaving somehow. If you do, and the fort remains a non-barony, you should see that peace continues to rule the day.

The game is unmodded, except that it is running the Ironhand tileset and cats have had the ADOPTS_OWNER tag removed from them.
As mentioned, load the game, hit F1 to center on the barracks, and wait a while. It shouldn't take long. Shortly after the fort is elevated to barony status, internal killing will begin.

The game is unmodded, except that it is running the Ironhand tileset and cats have had the ADOPTS_OWNER tag removed from them.
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At this link is the save game: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14785 [^]
Toady One   
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As far as I can tell, this is the problem with historical spies coming to the fort and being treated according to their cover identity. Your bard Snang actually goes by a different name and is only pretended to be from a civilization you are at war with. Achieving barony status triggered some civ-level war code, as far as I can tell. For next time, migrants that have historical spy identities will drop them if they are out of place. I also patched the saves - won't stop existing fights, but clears the identities that aren't being used to spy on your fort.