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0011744Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Embark/Setuppublic2021-04-08 05:102021-04-16 22:07
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Windows 64 bitWindows 10 Pro1909
0011744: Crash to desktop after "strike the earth!"
Using PeridexisErrant's starter pack. No modifications. Aquifers switched off, sound switched off, grazing set to 500, Phoebus tileset installed. Windowed mode.
Start game. Generate world. Select site. Pick one of the default embark profiles (doesn't matter which). Agree to embark. Get the introduction screen that ends with Strike the earth!

Hit enter.

Watch glumly as the game window quietly shuts itself down. No Dwarf Fortress for you!
Late model computer, 32gb ram, plenty of processing power.
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Installed Mayday tileset -- game now working. Problem with Phoebus tileset?
2021-04-09 03:27   
The usual cause is TwbT, which defaults to being enabled with LNP. For some reason (which has not been identified) it results in a high crash rate on embark. Regardless, this is probably not a DF issue, but an issue with third party tools.
2021-04-16 22:07   
See above - this is likely an issue with TWBT, which that pack includes. Feel free to reopen if you can reproduce the issue without any third-party utilities (other tilesets are ok, but TWBT issues are out of the scope of this bug tracker).