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0011745: "Fatal Error: Unable to find TEMPLATE_PARCHAMENT" during adventure mode loading screen
The only thing i downloaded was Lazy Newb Pack and DFHack, i can perfectly enter Legends Mode, but when i enter Adventure Mode, the game crashes during the loading screen with a message: "Fatal Error: Unable to find TEMPLATE_PARCHEMENT"
I don't know why a template file results in a crash, but i just want to know why this happens and how to fix it
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The LNP contains both DF and DFHack, so downloading DFHack separately may well cause trouble if you try to add DFHack again, especially if it's not the same version, in which case you're likely to get various problems.
Regardless, this bug tracker is for DF itself, not third party tools.
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Please try with a vanilla installation (no utilities) - if the problem no longer occurs, it was likely due to an issue with the raw files in your pack. Some packs modify raw files depending on the graphics set you select, for instance, and that may result in broken files.