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0001178: Immigrant Children's Birthdates Differ in Legends vs in Fortress Mode
I have had three pairs of children come as migrants. Below is the comparision of the birthdates of the six children in legends mode (abandoned fortress to obtain) and fortress mode. They are listed by mother's custom tag. The birthdates of the parent(s) agree, but those of the children do not.

MF-1 married
legends: born 966 husband born 985 children born 1047 and 1048
in-game: born 966 husband born 985 children born 1046 and 1049

MF-2 married
legends: born 966 husband born 967 children born 1044 and 1048
in-game: born 996 husband born 967 children born 1048 and 1052

MF-3 widowed
legends: born 996 children born 1040 and 1043
in-game: born 996 children born 1048 and 1051
Fixed in 0.34.01?
related to 0003752acknowledged  Child immigrant only 4 months old 
has duplicate 0003945resolved Footkerchief Migrant children born in the future. 
related to 0002739confirmed Footkerchief Migrant baby was born in the future / has negative age 
related to 0003272resolved Toady One Birth month of child incorrectly displayed. 
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2010-04-18 17:40   
Not exactly the same thing, or maybe it is, but I now have one couple who had a baby the same month they got married and another couple whose children were born 3 months apart.
2010-06-28 10:15   
(edited on: 2010-06-28 11:06)
This continues in 0.31.08

I have screen dumps to illustrate the issue. I will arrange them tastefully and post the link.

Edit: Well, the bug area seems to be closed at the forum. I guess I will just post the links here.

Mother with four children listed in legends mode.
http://www.drislink.com/slink/dwarffortress/Mother_In_Legends.jpg [^]
First-born son in legends mode. Note DOB given as 1051.
http://www.drislink.com/slink/dwarffortress/Son_1_In_Legends.jpg [^]
Second-born son in legends mode. Note DOB given as 1043.
http://www.drislink.com/slink/dwarffortress/Son_2_In_Legends.jpg [^]

Mother with four children listed in the fortress from which the legends version was obtained by abandoning a copy. First two immigrated with parents. Second two were born in the fortress.
http://www.drislink.com/slink/dwarffortress/Mother_In_Game.jpg [^]
First-born son in game. Note DOB given as 1047.
http://www.drislink.com/slink/dwarffortress/Son_1_In_Game.jpg [^]
Second-born son in game. Note DOB given as 1050.
http://www.drislink.com/slink/dwarffortress/Son_2_In_Game.jpg [^]
Third born son in game. DOB agrees with legends mode.
http://www.drislink.com/slink/dwarffortress/Son_3_In_Game.jpg [^]
Daughter in game. DOB agrees with legends mode.
http://www.drislink.com/slink/dwarffortress/Daughter_In_Game.jpg [^]

2010-06-28 13:27   
Here is some more strangeness. The most recent four infants born in my current fortress have the following birthdates. According to the log they were all born in this season (Spring).

Current date: 24th Felsite 1056 Late Spring

Atir Kirar/01/M born 27th Limestone 1056 25 days old (DOB Early Autumn)
Erush Kirar/13/F born 7th Felsite 1056 17 days old (DOB Late Spring)
Tobul Kirar/12/F born 13th Timber 1056 11 days old (DOB Late Autumn)
Asen Rurast/07/M born 22nd Galena 1056 2 days old (DOB Late Summer)
2012-01-11 16:07   
(edited on: 2012-01-11 16:09)
This and the relations are possibly fixed per today's DevLog:

"I fixed up a few problems with migrant birthdays..."

http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/index.html#2012-01-11 [^]

2014-08-21 15:54   
With the improved pop tracking in 0.40 this should have been fixed.

Can anyone say otherwise?

Also I think the relationships are duplicates, but it's too late here for me to check them myself.
2014-08-21 16:03   
(edited on: 2014-09-03 08:43)

edit: given that 0002739 hasn't been fixed, this one is also in doubt.