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0000012Dwarf FortressCombat -- Wrestlingpublic2010-04-01 14:192010-11-16 21:53
Toady One 
Windows 7
0000012: No text/announcement for joint/limb breaks during wrestling
There is no combat text or announcement for limb breaks while wrestling as an adventurer.
adventure mode, limb breaks
related to 0000263new  No announcement when fat melts away 
has duplicate 0001312closed Footkerchief Limb break text doesn't appear. 
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2010-04-03 11:45   
This has happened to me too. Grab a hippy elf and try and break his joints, they break and show wounded yet its not announced.
2010-04-03 19:07   
I noticed this when I dueled an elf in the arena. I had to look at his wounds to see if it actually worked.
2010-05-28 14:52   
Its a pain for you to having to keep looking at your targets wounds to check, I think this can e stickied.
2010-10-14 22:41   
I've noticed this as well. I am running Linux version 0.31.16

Steps to duplicate: create two humanoids in Arena, take over one, wrastle the other, break joint, note lack of message stating "Congratulations, you have erupted violence upon your foe's inner structure!"
Toady One   
2010-11-16 21:53   
Yeah, thanks.