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0001326Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Reclaimpublic2010-04-19 01:492012-04-05 04:17
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PCWindows 7
0001326: Cannot Plant Sunberry Seeds
I had harvested sunberries from the area before the rain killed my dwarves, now I have reclaimed the seeds. I have tried to plant them but it does not come up. I have planted the other above ground plants but it won't let me plant sunberries.
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duplicate of 0001120resolved Toady One "No seeds available for this location" when using seeds left at reclaimed site 
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If I'm reading this right, it looks like a duplicate of 0001120
Did you gather more of the other plants before you could farm them? How about the Sun Berries? If you gather\trade for some more that should restore your ability to plant the seeds in the fields.
If that doesn't work then it would seem this is a different bug.
2010-04-19 15:08   
I cannot seem to be able to find any new sunberries either through trading or gathering.
2012-04-05 00:57   
duplicate of 0001120: "No seeds available for this location" when using seeds left at reclaimed site