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0001455Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Standing Orderspublic2010-04-23 06:482014-01-27 14:40
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AMD 64 2.2 GhzWin XP Pro
0001455: Auto-web collection set to 'off' not working
There are two issues here, my dwarves keep trying to collect webs even though the option to do this has been turned off, and they are unable to do so because they cannot path to the webs.

Fairly shortly after discouvering an amazing maze of underground caverns, I started getting spammed with the message that my dwarves canceled collecting webs because they couldn't find a path. (I got the message about 1000 times in groups of a few hundred). *After* this, I turned off the order for auto-collecting webs. However, my dwarves are still trying to collect them.

I traced the path myself: down some stairs near the map's edge, through a tunnel, down some more stairs the end of which is carved into the caverns walls, accross some muddy floor through an underground forest, down some slopes, around a few bends, and there the webs are. I made sure I didn't miss any blockage; there *is* a path. I also tripple checked my settings, they are definately set to prevent auto web collection.

Let me know if a saved game file would help.
related to 0001254resolved Toady One When cavern is breached, web collection pathfinding spams with "unable to find path" 
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I forgot to mention that I'm running version 3.

Also, that link in the description should be "about 1000". I used a tilda (~).

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The "Cannot find path" problem is 0001254.
2010-04-23 12:22   
Ah, I thought there might be a path related one out there. I guess I guessed correctly when I put this one under Interface - Standing Orders then (with the no auto-collect not working).
2010-05-21 08:44   
I should note that the option to not automatically collect webs did not work for a long time in that game, even with a locked door blocking the way. However, after ~ a year's worth of time they stopped trying. In future games I have turned this option off from the start and have never had a problem.
2014-01-27 14:40   
If you have a save that demonstrates this problem in the latest version, please upload it to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and reopen this report (or PM me on the forums).