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0001486Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Immigrationpublic2010-04-24 01:362012-03-28 16:38
Toady One 
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0001486: Immigrant arrives with all farming skills, and all farming labors enabled
One dwarf arrived with:

Novice Hammerdwarf
Competent Speardwarf
Skill Shield User
Proficient Armor User
Proficient Fighter
Novice Biter
Proficient Dodger
Novice Woodcutter
Novice Butcher
Novice Tanner
Novice Weaver
Novice Brewer
Novice Miller
Novice Thresher
Novice Cheese Maker
Novice Milker
Novice Cook
Novice Grower
Novice Herbalist
Novice Dyer
Proficient Observer

He was equipped with various bits of leather armor and a battleaxe (which he immediately dropped due to not having woodcutting skill enabled).
Good luck
Is this by design??!? I guess I'll change his name to Jack.
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child of 0000110resolved Toady One Migrant hunters/miners/woodcutters can arrive with labors disabled, causing them to drop equipment 
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2010-04-24 01:49   
Did he have any of the farming labors enabled?
2010-04-24 05:20   
Relatedly, I had an imigrant turn up with all 5 metalsmithing skills at 'skilled', plus several other non-conversation skills, plus combat skills. The metalsmithing labors were on though. I've only seen the labors be off on arrival when all the skills are 'adequate' or 'novice'.

I don't so much mind imigrants having lots of skills (though maybe they are a bit high sometimes... Grand Master Gem Cutter?), but its a bit of extra micromanagment to look at each one and see if his top skill is obscuring a slightly lower skill that would be more useful (fish disector with armoursmithing...), and then setting the profession name manually to remind me what skills they have.
2010-04-24 11:41   
Yes, all farming skills enabled
2010-05-11 22:30   
Got another repro of this, this time with a miner. Total skill list (including combat and misc) was:

Novice Miner
Novice Butcher

Total list of labors enabled:

Feed Patients/Prisoners
Recovering Wounded
Stone Hauling
Wood Hauling
Item Hauling
Food Hauling
Refuse Hauling
Furniture Hauling
Animal Hauling

He dropped his pick on entry.

Dwarf Therapist reports that he has 1000/1100 xp mining and 500/1100 xp butchery, so mining is in fact his best skill but he still dropped the pick.

Perhaps the issue is they drop their tools if their skill is below some particular raw level, like 2 or 3.
Lord Shonus   
2010-05-11 23:19   
He dropped his pick because mining was not enabled.
2010-05-12 20:23   
@shonus. Of course. The bug is that mining wasn't enabled -- see bug title.