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0001673Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspensionpublic2010-05-01 08:322011-03-21 07:17
0001673: Dwarves suspend contruction of Wall "item blocking site"
As always, if there is something, namely some logs where we want to construct a wall, the dwarves don't move the items in the floor to the side and then construct, but simply suspend it.

Couldn't the same behavior of "when constructing other buildings, take materials to building location, remove undesired items from building location, build" be implemented to wall construction?

As it is, it is disrupting, especially when the dwarves take the time to haul the piece of rock all the way to the wall construction location, to then bring that rock back..
Not a bug
duplicate of 0001027resolved Toady One Items tied up by suspended jobs don't have the TSK indicator 
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2010-05-01 08:50   
the items may be forbidden
2010-05-01 09:00   
It does happen with non-forbidden items as well (and items that aren't reserved for a task.)

Just thought of something: maybe it's because the builders don't have stone/wood/item hauling enabled?
2010-05-01 10:18   
these wooden logs aren't forbidden.

but now that you mention, the first dwarf to cancel the job, in fact did not have the wood hauling job on.

The second one did, but that canceling was made from afar.. the dwarf didn't walk all the way there. hmmm
2010-05-01 12:20   
(edited on: 2010-05-01 12:21)
If the logs were selected for building another section of wall, the dwarf building the first section of wall will be unable to move them. This is expected behavior. It's a common occurrence when you're trying to build walls where logs are already lying.

I don't think the hauling labors should matter, but it's worth a try I guess.

2010-05-01 13:37   
(edited on: 2010-05-01 13:38)
This happens in 40d as well, most common reasons are...

- the object is forbidden
- the object is owned
- The building material is inaccessible
- someone else is already trying to move the object

The last is what Footkerchief is explaining. If dwarf A is trying to haul the object for some reason and dwarf B is trying to build a wall on top of the object, dwarf B will fail because the object is already in use by dwarf A.

If anything prevents your builder from moving the object, the jobs will get suspended. This is all quite normal.

Another one that can happen that seems to be a bit more common in 0.31 seems to be a pathing issue. What happens here is the material you selected to build it with is actually inaccessible. If you're repeatedly having trouble with the same construction, I would suggest...

- dump everything off the tile before building.
- rebuild, and use x to make sure your dwarf is using a material he can get to.

This workaround tends to fix most problems. The only one you can't really fix is owned objects (SOCKS!!!) that are left in a tile. The only solution I know of for these is magma.

2010-05-01 13:40   
^^^ Owned objects can also be pushed around by flowing water (has to be shallower than 7/7).
2010-05-06 05:45   
after 3 hours' pain in the ass and trying EVERYTHING (dumping, fobridding, digging out a space right beside needed tile) I read this report and understood that this stone was designated for mid-air wall half a map away. damn. I DEMAND that Toady makes some sort of marking (like there's D for dumping and F for forbidding) near item's name to mark that it is being used, so it can't be forbidden or dumped (since it won't be forbidden or dumped anyway)
2010-05-06 08:53   
(edited on: 2010-05-06 08:54)
Demand it here, and lose the attitude: http://www.bay12games.com/forum/index.php?board=5.0 [^]

Anyway, any updates, WurmD? Did the above explanations clear things up?

2010-07-19 13:53   
The thing that bugs me is a long-standing 40d leftover:
Suppose you have Tile A and Tile B adjacent to each other, respectively occupied by Rock A and Rock B. If you order a two-tile wall to be built on Tiles A and B, and select Rocks A and B to do it with (because they have distance 0), often Rock A will end up tasked for Wall B and vice versa, and when a dwarf comes along and grabs Rock A to build Wall B, he cancels the job and suspends construction because Rock B is blocking the site because it's tasked for building Wall A.
2011-03-21 07:17   
The bug aspects of this report are covered by 0001027.