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Toady One 
0001728: Military Refuses to Train
Military units do individual training, but do not participate in squad training.
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child of 0000428acknowledged Toady One Dwarves refuse to train, and other training weirdness 
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2010-05-03 17:50   
(edited on: 2010-05-03 17:51)
Have you switched their alert status from Inactive to Active/Training? Also, it's expected behavior for them to do individual drills (with occasional demonstrations, if there's anyone to conduct them) for a while until they get their skills up.

2010-05-13 14:55   
Yes, they actually train quite well when Inactive and they're off on their own. It's only when I turn them to Active Training that problems occur. They all just sit around waiting for it to be organized. I've recreated the barracks a dozen times and recreated the squad a dozen more because I heard that this only happens sometimes, but it seems to happen every time to me.
2010-05-13 18:48   
This has happened to me only after I make the mistake of setting a barracks for training, and the dwarves start performing the "Individual Combat Drill" task. Any dwarf who performs this task gets stuck. Even after the barracks and squad are deleted, the dwarf will never again perform any civilian jobs or organized training, instead they will simply stand around with "No Job" if they can't do the "Individual Combat Drill" task.

Apparently dwarves like drilling themselves so much they can never stop once they start.
2010-05-15 09:05   
I have 2 dwarves in a 2x2 barracks, and i'm monitoring what they do, bacaues I can't get dwarves to train as a group either.

:1 dwarf organizing training, 1 waiting for training
:1 dwarf "organizing fighting demonstration", 1 "waiting for fighting Demonsrtation"
:1 (now very thirsty) dwarf leading demonstration, the other watching!
[which is odd, because the teacher is novice and the learner is adequate]
:They finished the demonstration and immideately started organizing another

The problem might lie with organization skills? After the session (which took a very long time to organize), the leader was a novice organizer. I don't know if he was before. It's possible that he got the organization skill from a previous job, or that it was from the training exercise.

Does organization have a part in how quickly/well a training session goes?
2010-05-15 09:35   
Test 2 same room but with the military commander learning and the learner from the previous test organizing.

:Teacher begins organizing a doging demo, learner waits for.
:teacher began demoing
:Teacher ended lessons and fell asleep

The teacher gained a level in doging, but nothing else happened.

I think the problem may have been organization, all the dwarves involved are now dabbling in that skill, and I haven't had a failed lesson attempt since thay have been.
2010-05-15 09:36   
So perhaps dwarves with no organizing skill have a tendency to fail to organise the lesson, and the code that deals with this instance contains a bug which leaves the organizer roaming the halls claiming that he is organizing a comabt lesson?
Toady One   
2010-07-15 07:14   
I fixed the causes I'm aware of for each of the issues I see here in the comments for 0.31.11.