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0000193Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2010-04-02 16:152018-01-13 14:38
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0000193: Unique forgotten beasts each create generic entries for fat, tallow, leather, extract
Trying to place a stockpile setting for tallow alone (can we please get these separated out so it is easy to select all of one and not the other?) and I came across all the forgotten beasts, each with an entry, but only as generic fat and tallow.
Place a [p]ile.
Select Food.
Select Fat.
Scroll down until you see "forgotten beast tallow" or ..."fat".
Not sure how to handle this one. Perhaps show their names to identify their entries or just give one entry that covers the lot of 'em.

http://i881.photobucket.com/albums/ac11/Mondoshawan/phat.jpg [^]
fat, forgotten beast, stockpile, tallow
has duplicate 0003351resolved Footkerchief Forgotten beast leather is listed multiple times. 
has duplicate 0000409resolved Footkerchief Stockpile Settings: Forgotten Beast Extract 
related to 0001625new  duplicate foodpile "savanna titan" entry 
related to 0000385resolved Footkerchief "unknown frozen creature substance chops" in stocks menu 
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Their are also many (156) entries for 'forgotten beast extract' under 'extract (animal)'.
2018-01-13 12:17   
This or a similar bug continues to affect artwork as of 0.44.04. Since any artwork can include generic images of any creature type, you can have e.g. an image of "two forgotten beasts, three forgotten beasts and a forgotten beast," i.e. "two generic versions of Forgotten Beast A, three generic versions of Forgotten Beast B, and one generic version of Forgotten Beast C." Titans, also being procedurally-generated and unique creatures, get this treatment as well: "The item is an image of savanna titans in dolomite."

Oh, and conversation is also affected. Characters that like to tell jokes will sometimes say, "Did you hear the one about the [Creature Type A] and the [Creature Type B]?" Because of this bug, a lot of these statements turn into "Did you hear the one about the forgotten beasts and the forgotten beasts?"

These creatures are called "forgotten beasts" for a reason. People shouldn't know what most of them look like!
Urlance Woolsbane   
2018-01-13 14:38   
This is arguably emergent behavior more than it is a bug. See also: Bogeymen.

Hopefully Toady will add a [PRODUCTS_UNKNOWN] flag or somesuch, thereby fixing all instances of this nature.