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0002084Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2010-05-27 10:002010-06-30 10:15
Windows7 x64
0002084: ESC on keybindings sub-screen leaves keybinding without saving changes to disk
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When I change some keybindings, then hit ESC, DF leaves the keybindings screen entirely and does not give me the option to save my new keybinds. They work fine for the rest of the session but when I quit & return they are gone. It's not at all intuitive that I need to return to the keybind screen to select Save and Exit.
1) Start DF and go to the main menu
2) Hit ESC and select keybindings. You see Macros, General, etc.
3) Go into one of the keybindings submenus
4) Hit ESC.

At this point I should be back at the keybindings main screen with Macros, General, Save and Exit.
Alternately, provide some indication that 'you have unsaved keybindings that will be lost when you exit'. Perhaps a confirmation when you select Quit from the title screen.
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Fixed.. in .06 or thereabouts. It at any rate no longer happens.