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0002219: Legends says stolen artifact "was lost in an unknown site"
Some of my earlier 'crafts'-type artifacts were not turning up when I hit 'l'.

I had no sad dwarves about it, and didn't think I'd missed any theft announcements. Besides, my fortress was well-guarded.

So, I backed up my saves, abandoned, and skipped into legends. One of the artefacts, a birchen amulet, was indeed stolen by a kobold.

Another, though, was Enalmeb "The Prim Inches".
"In the midsummer of 403, The Prim Inches was lost in an unknown site."

My fortress is not an unknown site. There was no reference to a thief. I have no atom-smashers or magma to destroy an artifact.

Could the 'unknown site' refer to the cavern system? Breached, but I have never had ANY contact with the cave surface. And unless there are flying gremlins, I don't know how it would be lost there anyway.

The only other possibilities I thought of would be a bug with traders, or a weirdly-mislabelled theft by rhesus macaque.
Incidentally, I can confirm 0001261 - no problems arose from these artifacts disappearing.

Possibly related to 0001310?
Artifact, Fixed in 0.34.01?, lost in an unknown site, theft, thieves, thoughts
related to 0000326resolved Toady One Missing entries in announcements.txt 
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2010-06-08 15:48   
Sold in a bin, perhaps? Artifacts don't show up in trade menus but I don't know what happens if you sell the whole bin. Usually I avoid selling bins, I'm running out all the time anyway.
2010-06-08 16:42   
If there was a bug where they got exported with the traders, it'd have to be completely at odds with 0000130, which says that the artifact gets left in the stockpile and only the bin is hauled.
2011-03-25 21:51   
(edited on: 2011-03-25 21:53)
I'm removing the relation to 0001310 because of the following:

I just had this bug happen in 31.22.

A raccoon walked off the map with my only artifact. The military was too far away to catch up, so I was actually able to watch it leave the map.

There is no announcement of the theft (neither on-screen nor in gamelog.txt).

I abandoned in a copy of the region and started Legends mode. The artifact states "was lost in an unknown site."

Renaming this bug to be more appropriate.

Also confirm 0001261.

2011-03-27 17:19   
Confirmed for regular items also.

Watched a buzzard fly off with some pig cheese. No message was generated.
Knight Otu   
2012-01-31 11:15   
Quietust reports in 0000326 that the valid CREATURE_STEALS_OBJECT entry is missing from announcements.txt. I'll test it, but it seems that this should at least take care of the missing announcement.
2012-02-19 15:10   
The regular item and related announcement portion is fixed as of 34.01.

The artifact portion, however, needs to be reviewed as far as the "unknown site" description in legends.