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0002587Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Saving/Loadingpublic2010-07-07 15:462015-06-29 13:32
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0002587: Saving fails silently when folder is not writeable (due to full disk, permissions, etc)
I've just lost a well running fortress to save game corruption caused by a full harddisk.

In my opinion DF should at least tell me that it can't save the game for any reason and give me options to retry saving (after freeing up some space), abort saving completely (means losing the fortress) or return to the fortress.

Just silently killing the savegame is kind of irritating.
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2014-01-21 19:57FootkerchiefSummaryDF silently fails to save game when folder is not writeable (due to full disk, permissions, etc) => Saving fails silently when folder is not writeable (due to full disk, permissions, etc)
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Thats your problem right there, just remove some stuff off the harddisk or move the DF directory to a different disk, or move stuff on the harddisk to a flash drive.
2010-07-22 05:28   
Yeah, sure. My full harddisk causes this. But DF shouldn't silently ignore that and destroy the savegame. Other software that isn't able to save its data to the harddisk due to insufficient space throws error messages at you with the opportunity to correct the problem before the next attempt to save. IMHO DF should do likewise.

DF could somehow estimate the size of the savegame the moment the user chooses "Save" from the game menu (might be cumbersome). Or save process could be put before the quit event so that the game is only eventually quit on a successful save.

It's really a minor thing that won't appear as long as you keep enough free space on your harddisk. But sometimes, yeah, sometimes, unexpectedly... I've lost a very good turn to that.
2010-09-18 09:37   
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Considering that Dwarf Fortress, for the very purpose of avoiding savegame corruption if it happens to crash while saving, always saves your game as a copy in the "Current" folder and then, once it has finished, moves it into the appropriate region folder (after deleting the previous contents), I'd say that it should absolutely be handling this situation more gracefully.

2011-11-04 03:15   
I had ths happen recently, it is quite annoying to loose season because of simple oversight.

Autosave with autobackup eats up disk space steadily.

Lack of disk space definitelly calls for some kind of soluton other than "crash df" or "corrupt savegame".
2015-06-29 12:38   
Still occurs in v0.40.24.