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0000275Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Itemspublic2010-04-03 09:182011-02-26 18:26
Toady One 
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0000275: After queuing silk item at clothier's shop, "Make unknown material Crafts" at craftsdwarf's workshop
This is hard to reproduce, has a sort of seemingly random occurrence.
When adding a new job on a craftsdwarf workshop, sometimes it will show four choices: "Make Unknown Material Crafts" "Make Unknown Material Mug" "Make Unknown Material Instrument" and "Make Unknown Material Toy"

"Unknown material" seems to just replace "rock". I will try actually giving this job next to see what they actually create with it, if they create anything.
See 0000275:0005488
crafts, unknown material, workshop
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2010-04-29 12:59FootkerchiefSummary"Make unknown material Crafts" at craftsdwarf's workshop after queuing silk item at clothier's shop => After queuing silk item at clothier's shop, "Make unknown material Crafts" at craftsdwarf's workshop
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2010-04-03 15:45   
I've seen the same thing. It appeared to be the default state for all of the craftsdwarf workshops I put down. When I came back (after a month or so? a season change?) I was able to specify crafts normally. Sorry, don't have a save file for this one.
2010-04-03 16:08   
Pressing Escape will display the materials and jobs properly.
2010-04-03 19:27   
This happened to me after a big massacre, a bunch of new migrants, and rebuilding some military squads. Save and reload made it go away.
2010-04-03 21:48   
This happened to me. I thought it would use some of the horse hair in my refuse stockpile, so I tried it. A crafstdwarf came into the shop, and sat there for a long time, ding nothing, until I broke down the shop.
2010-04-03 22:06   
For me, this happens reliably when I go to a craft workshop, go into rock->crafts, then leave the shop. Next time I come back to it and try to add something, it attempts to stay in the same submenu that it was in before, but can't find it, thus "unknown material".
2010-04-04 15:33   
This happened to me, too, and it coincided with the departure of the caravan; might or might not be related to it.
2010-04-05 13:17   
This happens with the glass furnace too.
2010-04-05 14:11   
I had it happen with a forge. All I had to do to fix it was hit esc and rechoose the metal. Then again, I did mess with the raws once.
2010-04-15 20:22   
This happened to me. Not sure what may have caused it. Ordering it to create the craft resulted in my craftsdwarf walking up to it for a moment and then leaving; this re-enabled the standard options and made the odd options go away.
2010-04-21 19:45   
I would be very suprised if this wasn't related to 0000845.

Given the hair, horns and hooves now created as waste items, is it possible that the first instance of these substances is somehow related?
2010-04-28 01:24   
Reliable way to reproduce this: go to a clothier and queue up a silk item, then without leaving the 'q' menu, move the cursor to a crafter's station and try to add a job there. You should get the "unknown mat" screen.

It looks like Toady screwed up some sort of global variable behavior for the last used material which used to be cleared between workshops. It used to be the case that you could queue up, for instance, 10 silk items at a clothier's station having specified silk only once, but if you then moved the cursor to another nearby clothier, you'd have to specify silk again before adding jobs. Not true in this version.
2010-04-29 10:55   
I can reproduce this by setting a clothier's shop to make some silk item, and then going to a craftdwarf's workshop - with or without quitting 'q' menu.
2010-04-29 13:00   
^^^ Nice work, the both of yous. I've added the information to the summary.

Toady One   
2010-06-14 03:04   
Okay, this'll be fixed up for 0.31.07.