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0000028: Scrolling keys lock up!
When using numpad the view scrolling keys get stuck and have to be pressed again to unlock! very annoying lil bug... Happens in arena a alot for me, dunno bout DF/adventure modes... not gotten that far in testing yet! Normal arrowkeys dont have this problem!
Just i have to move the view around with using numpad to get it happen pretty soon...
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2010-04-01 15:41   
(edited on: 2010-04-01 15:48)
I get the same problem, also on W7. The numpad works fine by itself, but as soon as I press shift to speed up the scrolling it breaks (every time). If I press shift first and then a number it just scrolls at normal speed and doesn't lock up. Arrow keys work fine.

Edit: This happens in Dwarf/Arena mode, and also in the Arena Adventure mode. I didn't test normal Adventure mode. After a bit more testing it seems the keys lock up when you release them in a different order to pressing them. So arrow-shift-/shift-/arrow is fine, but arrow-shift-/arrow-/shift breaks. It doesn't matter if shift is pressed first or not, just when they are released. It also only seems to be a problem with the numpad arrows.

2010-04-02 00:02   
Are you sure numlock isn't on? I had that problem initially as well, until I turned it off.
2010-04-02 00:15   
Windows Vista, easily reproduced now that you mention it. (I don't personally scroll with numpad usually). Numlock on seems to be necessary for the bug to occur. numlock off helps to clear it again so that you can play again. simply hold shift and start mashing the numpad for a moment and you'll see it soon enough. using d or some other mode so you can see a cursor while you do so makes the problem a bit more visible.
2010-04-04 00:33   
Ah yes, it only occurs when numlock is on.
2010-04-05 13:44   
Occurs on XP as well, and has since 40d if not before. Tapping the "stuck" key often helps it clear(don't think it needs to be shifted but could be mistaken).

So yeah. This is definitely one of long standing.
2010-05-03 19:49   
(edited on: 2010-05-03 19:54)
I found a way to reproduce this issue, aswell as fix it. It's actually a keyboard problem, as when enough keys are pressed, it denies other keys from working/suspend them into staying working. For example. press the 2 (down button) on the numpad, the down arrow on the directional keys, the shift key, and the control key, and hold them down then simultaneously let go of them, and it will begin to automatically scroll. Press the down arrow, or the 2 again in order to reset the keys, causing it to stop.

If it continues to stay stuck however, then it is either sticky keys, or somehow your computer messed up.

And yes, i had numlock on.

Edit: Assumingly, i don't think it will reproduce outside of the game, so it is also a problem with too many keys being pressed on that too.

Edit2: Fixed up edits now. Anywho, i also found out that holding down a key on the numpad to move the cursor/screen then turning off numlock and letting go of the key also auto-scrolls it. So it's also the game aswell. Sorry for another edit so soon.

Mr. Boh   
2010-05-09 17:19   
This has happened for me in DF for as long as I can remember. If I mash the keys I was pressing it generally goes away.
2010-07-15 09:32   
Reminder sent to: Mr. Boh, Orvelo64, Shurhaian

Does this still occur in 31.10 SDL?
2010-07-16 07:22   
No idea about the newest version. I haven't been testing the newest set of patches from 31.04 onward due to me waiting for a more bug free/ working edition... Was thinking about getting back to DF some time soon tho...
2010-07-16 07:38   
A lot of bugs have been fixed since 31.04, including a lot of input bugs like this one, so that's why I asked. Anyway, whenever you do give the latest version a try, it would be helpful to update this report and let us know whether the bug is still around.
2010-12-03 13:23   
Reminder sent to: Orvelo64

Does this still occur in 0.31.18 SDL?
2011-03-03 10:16   
No reply and no further corroboration, so we'll call it fixed.