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0002840Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2010-07-25 18:342011-03-09 11:55
Toady One 
0002840: Marksdwarves use wrong bolts when training
My squad is configured to use Bone Bolts for Combat and Training, and Copper Bolts for Combat only.

If a Marksdwarf has Bone and Copper bolts in his quiver, he will use Copper bolts for Training (he should have used the Bone bolts).
set ammunition to :
- Copper Bolts for "C"
- Bone Bolts for "CT"

give Bone and Copper bolts to your Marksdwarf, he must have both in his quiver.
order him to train on a range.

He will use the Copper bolts.
ammunition, military screen
has duplicate 0003489resolved Logical2u when assigned training bolts run out, marksdwarves will continue to train with combat-only bolts 
has duplicate 0003684resolved Logical2u Marksdwarves will use combat ammo for training 
has duplicate 0002961resolved Footkerchief Ranged problems with ammonition 
child of 0001374new  If squad is assigned multiple ammo types, dwarves with "individual choice ranged" carry wrong ammo, and other ammo bugs 
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2010-07-25 18:46   
In case there's something special about your fortress that allows this to happen, it would be helpful to upload a save to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2010-07-25 19:01   
I saw it happening in this map, already posted for a different bug:
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2802 [^]
2010-07-27 11:25   
This happens to me in every fort. It's very annoying to see them shoot off my precious steel bolts at archery ranges even when I've set them to be combat only. So I'm forced to use only bone at all times, and only add steel bolts when the dwarf is needed in a combat situation.
2010-07-27 15:56   
Happened to me too. They had metal bolts for combat and wooden bolts for training. A dwarf had both iron and wooden bolts in quiver, but was shooting the iron bolts at archery range. Removing metal bolts from ammo designation in military screen didn't help, they still had metal botls in quiver and were shooting them. Finally I forbidden or dumped all metal bolts to prevent wasting and it works so far.
2010-07-31 00:52   
(edited on: 2010-07-31 01:38)
I have the same problem and I'm crying everytime my steel arrows are wasted like that :(

2010-08-04 17:18   
This is happening to me consistently. Makes it hard to keep ammo in stock.
2010-08-09 17:25   
Me too.

Metal bolts: C
Wood Bolts: T

Makes them use metal bolts at the range. However,

Metal bolts: T
Wood Bolts: C

made them use wooden bolts at the range, opposite what should happen.

I'm using the MixMod, if that matters.
2010-08-10 18:36   
Happens to me as well, if the ammunition designations worked correctly then things would be so much easier and simpler, but unfortunately it appears to be currently bugged.
Moonshine Fox   
2010-09-07 01:30   
ma88hew: Does that mean that ammo designations DO work, only they are mirrored? Can you confirm?
2010-09-15 16:12   
Moonshine Fox: Not really. I never saw them use anything else than what they used at the range. They would just walk into battle with the wooden bolts and get slaughtered. Maybe the dwarves are only using combat bolts.
2010-10-10 01:54   
Reproduces here as well. One of the most annoying bugs in 31.16.
2010-10-11 21:09   
Seems to reproduce everywhere. Could this be related to places to store equipment in their archery range/barracks? Training weapons/combat weapons for melee dwarves are fiddly depending on available weapon racks, so perhaps there needs to be some place to store bolts at the range? What would that use? A weapon rack? A chest? I shall experiment.

Also, confirming that this is one of my big Rage Bugs with 31.16: Soap cancellations, fishless caverns, missing boots, dopey marksdwarves. If those get fixed soon, fort mode will be awesome.
2010-11-20 14:31   
This is annoying. The "Use in combat" and "Use in training" commands do not work at ALL, and whatever you set them to, they will always waste them on training unless you disable the archery targets.
2010-12-04 23:46   
still in .18
2011-02-08 12:51   
Is there a tag, or should we make a tag that suggests that a certain bug should be added to the next batch of bug fixes?

Because this seems like an easy to fix bug, but bothering Toady about it by email seems a bit counterproductive.