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0003028Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Combatpublic2010-08-14 15:512012-03-28 07:49
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0003028: Marksdwarves don't carry enough ammunition into combat.
When Marksdwarves are on Active/Training and using ammunition, and then are switched to a kill order, they will not replenish their ammunition before heading into combat.

Results in Marksdwarves charging into melee combat because of lack of ammunition.
Assign Dorfs crossbows, assign ammunition, have quivers available, make archery range, set alert to Active/Training, then order the squad to kill something after firing most of their ammunition on the archery range.

I get a yearly buzzard migration, most of the time they fire their last few bolts, then chase the buzzards around for half an hour. I have to take the squad off alert and training, let it rearm, then assign the kill order again. Not a good option when dealing with the bi-annual goblin horde.

The quivers are a nice step, but given that even Elite Crossbowdwarfs seem to miss like 70% of the time, they don't have enough ammunition for a standard engagement. Let alone a full siege. And they won't retreat to reload either.

Also maybe allow ammunition to stack, you could transfer the kill to the crossbow that fired the bolt, instead of the individual bolt.
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parent of 0002946resolved Footkerchief Crossbow dwarfs prefer melee 
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