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0003120Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2010-08-29 14:122014-01-17 10:28
Toady One 
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0003120: No way to produce toys/instruments without HARD_MAT (e.g. drums and puzzle boxes)
My mayor issued a mandate to make 1 drum, so I put in a work order for 30 rock instruments. None of them turned out to be drums. I then tried some wood instruments, but still no luck.

I then did a test embark with 100 stones, 100 tower-cap logs, 100 copper bars, 100 sand bags, and 200 coke (customized for lots of embark points) and proceeded to make 100 rock instruments, 100 wooden instruments, 100 copper instruments, and 100 green glass instruments. The distribution was 28.25% (113) flutes, 26.5% (106) trumpets, 25.5% (112) harps, 17.25% (69) piccolos, and 0 drums.

In the raws, drums are the only instrument lacking [HARD_MAT], which would seem to imply that drums cannot be made out of hard materials. Unfortunately, there aren't any non-hard materials from which instruments can be made, so this mandate is guaranteed to fail and result in one of my dwarves being thrown in jail (or executed, should a Hammerer ever arrive).
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2010-08-29 14:27   
Upon adding [HARD_MAT] to drums, I was able to satisfy the mandate in relatively short order.

A batch of rock toys suggests that puzzleboxes have also become impossible to make.
2012-02-17 21:17   
On 34.01 I'm trying to satisfy a mandate for puzzle boxes and none have been created. The [HARD_MAT] tag is still missing from puzzle boxes in item_toy.txt. Strangely, traders bring them, apparently that's not governed by the raws in the same way?

After researching this, I found that [HARD_MAT] is also missing from drums as originally reported.
2012-02-25 18:40   
i went back to my copy of 31.23 (the oldest one i had) and HARD_MAT was missing there too... maybe i never had a mayor in love with puzzleboxes before
2012-03-18 18:43   
The bug isn't that drums and puzzle boxes are missing [HARD_MAT] - the bug is that not having [HARD_MAT] makes them impossible to produce.
2012-05-14 08:31   
Appears to be fixed in 0.34.08 as per release notes and raws, please reopen if otherwise.