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0003180Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Generalpublic2010-09-08 11:082010-09-08 16:47
0003180: Suspending buildings makes materials unmovable
When a building is suspended for whatever reasons, the materials which have been chosen to be used to construct it may no longer be moved until the building is cancelled or unsuspended. This can be very annoying for a variety of reasons, and the suspension of this building may mean that its materials are blocking another building.
1. Build building.
2. Suspend construction.
It's suggested to allow dwarves to move materials which are assigned to a suspended building. Better would be to allow a building to use equivalent materials (for example, use any Dolomite available to construct my bridge).
building, Fortress Mode
duplicate of 0001027resolved Toady One Items tied up by suspended jobs don't have the TSK indicator 
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Gonna mark this as a dupe of 0001027, since it's the same behaviour, but in a specific case.