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Windows Vista
0003228: Recieved migrant message "Migrants brave this terrifying place..." despite no deaths.
Playing .13 for the first time, using a fortress started in .12, in the second year's summer. Received a migrant wave with the message "Some migrants have decided to brave this terrifying place, knowing it may be their tomb".

No dwarves have died in this fortress to date. The only casualties on the unit screen consist of a puppy and a donkey. This includes elves, humans, dwarf caravans and goblins (whom haven't even arrived yet).

Migrant wave consisted of a mere 6 dwarves, including a bizarre lone dwarven baby. No animals.
has duplicate 0003296resolved Logical2u Recieved message "No one even considered making the journey to such a cursed death-trap this season" 
has duplicate 0003307resolved Logical2u Immigrants did not come. 
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2010-09-15 12:57   
(edited on: 2010-09-15 12:58)
Getting the same thing, albeit with a handful of dead dwarves- shouldn't be nearly enough to trigger this message.

2010-09-15 21:44   
I'm getting it too, on a newly genned world in .13, so it's not due to transfers from .12. It came up during the summer of 1051, and a fairly typical 7 migrants arrived normally.

Well, typical except there was a LEGENDARY milker. Why a milker would emigrate to a new fortress with no milkable animals is a mystery, as well as how there could be enough milking activity to generate a legendary... but I'll take 'em any way they come. lol
2010-09-15 21:57   
I also received the same message on a world genned in .13 without losing any dorfs. Incidentally, one of them was a legendary hammerdwarf; I've never seen a legendary migrant before.
2010-09-15 22:04   
I believe I've received a few legendary migrants in version 0.31.12, though usually High Master is the best I get.
2010-09-15 23:19   
I got the "terrifying" message on the first wave. The second wave was the normal "Some migrants have arrived." Is anyone getting this on subsequent waves?

I also experienced the legendary hammerdwarf in my first wave, and initially reported it as a bug. It could be an intentional gift to jump start the military training, which was slow in 0.31.12 if you started from zero, but I'm not sure everyone is getting it. Just coincidental?
2010-09-16 21:54   
After updating and migrating over my save files, I too got this message, and whats more: my population cap is at 100, the fortress is at 120 (due to births). So, it may be ignoring the population cap...
2010-09-17 05:49   
(edited on: 2010-09-17 05:50)
In my current fortress, the population cap was set to 80 several years ago, when the population went over 120. I did not receive migrants since, until I updated to 0.31.13.

Now in summer 39 the population was 116 dwarves, and out of nowhere comes 8 migrants with the "Some migrants have decided to brave this terrifying place, knowing it may be their tomb." message.

So for some reason the population cap limit was ignored. Latest deaths were one dwarf in spring 38 and another in winter 38, both to infection.

2010-09-18 04:04   
(edited on: 2010-09-18 04:05)
Same here. I had a population cap of 30 and a population of about 50, no migrants for the last decade or so, and only a few deaths during that time.

Moved the fortress from 0.31.12 to .13, got the same "Some migrants have decided to brave this terrifying place, knowing it may be their tomb." message and a migration wave led by a legendary lasher.

I thought I'd just forgotten to set the population cap in .13, but nope, it was already set to 30.

2010-09-18 13:48   
And i just got a migrant wave of three babies. Strange. (31.13)

2010-09-18 23:14   
I just received this message as well on my first wave, with no deaths previous. In my second wave I got the normal message, but the only dwarfs that showed up was a drunk who can't be assigned work and a baby with no parent as the second migrant wave.

I'm on .13 and have started fresh, no save transfer or anything.
2010-09-22 13:08   
I just got this message. There have been no dwarf or domestic animal deaths, only a floating guts, a blind cave ogre, and two crundles have been killed.
2010-09-22 15:18   
Got the "death trap" version with no deaths (it was only the second year) save one raccoon that jumped into magma on a dodge.
2010-09-22 18:21   
(edited on: 2010-09-22 18:23)
Another confirmation of the behavior of moving from 0.31.12 to 0.31.13 ignores population cap, and I've gotten a handful of migrant waves with the "knowing it may be their grave" message as well. The first migration message I got was actually "no one dared travel to this hellhole/deathtrap/whatever."

Additionally, I suffer no more than 5 fatalities per year. Of course, that's just counting dwarfs.

2010-09-23 16:40   
According to Toady this might be fixed in 31.14. Can anyone confirm?
2010-09-28 00:36   
My population is still above the cap I set, and I haven't received any migrants in .14 yet.

I do get the occasional message that my fortress didn't attract any migrants. I don't think .12 and before gave such messages when over the population cap. Maybe it's fixed; maybe I just happen to not get any migrants yet.
2010-09-28 22:26   
I've gone a couple years in .14 without any problems on a fort that used to get the message at random sometimes.
2011-07-20 04:27   
After 10 months, I think we can safely say that this is indeed fixed. :-)