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Toady One 
0003239: Nameless NPCs don't care if you kill them
NPCs don't have names until you talk to them, right? If you attack an NPC without talking to them, they'll just stand there while you kill them.

If they have a name when you attack them, they'll become your enemy. This applies whether they got the name from talking to you or from being an important character (a mayor, for instance).

Once you kill one named character in a civ, other named characters in that civ will also become your enemy. If they gain a name at a later point, they will become your enemy then. You can talk to a nameless NPC, have a nice chat, and then when you finish he'll try to kill you.

Note that killing unnamed characters does not cause named characters to become your enemy. I guess they're not important enough for anyone to care.
Go to a settlement in Adventure Mode.

Kill an unnamed NPC.

Talk to an unnamed NPC.

Attack the newly named NPC.
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Confirmed. You can actually stop halfway through hacking up an NPC, strike up a pleasant conversation (despite previously having gouged off both of their lips), and then finish killing them. Other NPCs within sight of (or even on the same tile as) your victim are uninterested.

Possibly related: NPCs no longer wear clothes or carry any equipment. They just sit around naked, in large groups, in unfurnished cabins. That's hot.

2014-01-27 20:00   
Just tested this out -- they definitely care now.