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0003258Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Immigrationpublic2010-09-16 23:242010-11-02 14:24
Toady One 
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0003258: "war Peasant" migrant with missing labor screen
In my three year old .13 fortress, I just had a migrant arrive with the "war Peasant" profession. She has a few military skills and no civilian ones. The trouble, though, is that she has no labor menu. Likewise, she doesn't show up on the military screen. She's definitely a dwarf, so this isn't a repeat of 0003241.
The fortress is also experiencing the "migrants brave this terrifying place glitch"; not a single dwarf has died yet, and the message appears each time migrants arrive. Also, the Elf Princess is listed as "Elf Drunk."
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duplicate of 0003241resolved Toady One Two humans arrived in second immigration wave 
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2010-09-16 23:32   
Wait, you have Efl Princess migrant?
I think Toady is changing migration to a point of using immigrants, created on world gen stage.
I just love the idea, but setting labours for them is just buggy!
Olith McHuman   
2010-09-16 23:44   
I read somewhere that you can assign war and hunting peasants just like war and hunting dogs. Just out of curriosity, can you do that?
2010-09-16 23:49   
Oh my god... This is several thousand steps back in the fight for peasant equality, but yes, I can. She is still called a "war dog," but she follows the unit I assigned her to just as a dog would.

That is absolutely horrible. And now I want more.
2010-09-16 23:54   
So if this is really a feature, then the only problem left is that there's no way to assign weapons and armor to the war peasant. Without those, she's worth less than a war dog.
2010-09-16 23:58   
Update: Peasant eats, drinks, sleeps, gains social skills, and brings items to the depot just like any other dwarf. Also, she can be appointed a noble.
2010-09-17 02:01   
thats awesome I want some war peasants. Hmm if we could get dwarf therapist to work I wonder if she would show up in the list maybe then you can change her job status then?
2010-09-17 06:13   
Hey! Dwarven entity nave [ETHIC:SLAVERY:PUNISH_CAPITAL], so its a bug, not a slave! =)
I think its a consequence of changing the worldgen, enlarging population and interaction with fortress behavior!

looks like Toady using creatures generated in worlgen into DF mode as migrants. Or even in starting seven.

Its a one step towards unfreezzing world around fortress, while playing DF mode! =)
im already waiting epic battles with armys lead by heroic goblins who have hundreds and hundreds of kills! =)
and invasions from our fortress! =)