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0003272Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Profilespublic2010-09-18 08:592012-02-17 16:58
Dame de la Licorne 
Toady One 
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0003272: Birth month of child incorrectly displayed.
One of the first children in my current fort was born on the 25th of Moonstone. However, her profile lists her birthdate as the 25th of Granite. But she still gains a year every 25th of Moonstone (her correct birthdate).
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related to 0001178needs feedback Footkerchief Immigrant Children's Birthdates Differ in Legends vs in Fortress Mode 
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Knight Otu   
2010-09-18 09:22   
This could be related to or the same as 0001178.
Dame de la Licorne   
2010-09-18 11:05   
(edited on: 2010-09-26 12:59)
It looks like it is related, but my kid was born in the fortress, to parents who married after arriving at the fortress.

Edit: I started another fort (still in 0.31.12), and monitored the complete birth date of each child, both the actual date and the one in the thoughts screen. The displayed birth month (in the thoughts screen) appears to be randomly assigned, while the year and day are correct. However, the child becomes a child or peasant on the correct day of the correct month (not the one in the thoughts screen). This is for children born in the fort, I haven't had any immigrant children to check.

2012-01-11 16:05   
Slink included some info on fortress born children in his note at 0001178:0009266.

I'm relating it for now, because it isn't technically a duplicate of the original report.
Toady One   
2012-02-17 16:58   
I believe I fixed this in 0.34.01.