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0003343Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Moodspublic2010-09-29 15:252011-02-05 17:34
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0003343: Moody dwarf assigned to burrow collects one material infinitely until un-assigned from burrow.
My chief medical dwarf went into a strange mood and began collecting epic crap tons of gold. Several tens of pages infact. So much so that i mined out two whole layers to feed his insatiable need for gold.

The dwarf would not stop demanding more materials until he was un-assigned from a burrow. After which he finished claiming all of his materials (claimed the ones not related to gold) and built a crazy artifact with the whole world's history engraved on it.

Happened in a few other games before but I just let the dwarves go insane :)
- Get moody dwarf that is assigned to very small burrow (food stockpile, workshop, bedroom only)
- Wait for dwarf to collect tons of resources
- Un-assign from burrow
- Receive crazy artifact.


Dwarf dies of hunger (probably?) before finishing mood.

http://filevo.com/wbbmv3ghc7si.html [^]

This is from after I unassigned the dwarf from the 'medical' burrow. He goes on to complete an insane artifact :) (sorry I don't have before and after saves. This 'during' save was the only one I took of that time period :/

Just go have a look at the workshop he has claimed and all the gold in it!!!
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duplicate of 0001416resolved Toady One Moody dwarves claim workshops outside their burrow, haul infinite number of items, never start construction 
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Was the workshop he claimed outside his burrow?
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Cleaning up the burrow/artifact mess of issues.