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0003458Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpilespublic2010-10-23 06:182010-10-23 09:16
Ogg the Blinky Sock 
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Intel iMacOS X w/Wine10.6
0003458: Blank, permanently selected 'Other Materials' in Ammo Stockpile Settings
The 'Other Materials' menu item in the stockpile settings for ammunition does not have any descendants to the left (wood, shell, et cetera); also, it cannot be deselected. The 'Metals' menu item lists all gems & stones as reported in other bugs.
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duplicate of 0001989resolved Toady One In stockpile settings, forbidding subcategories leaves some items highlighted 
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Ogg the Blinky Sock   
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A minor amendment: the 'other materials' item *can* be selected and de-selected by using the 'block all' and 'enable all' commands.
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Duplicate of 0002541, which is itself a subset of 0001989.
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I figured it was covered somewhere in 0000157's children. Thanks for finding in Quietust.