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0003538Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Character Creationpublic2010-11-11 17:082010-11-14 04:08
minion of Cthulhu 
Toady One 
0003538: Crash when selecting empty skill list during character creation as human outsider
Choosing "Human Outsider" skips straight to the name page. Going [back] takes you to the trait and skill page; the skill list is empty. Moving to it from the trait list crashes the game.
adventure mode, character creation, humans, skills, Traits
has duplicate 0003546resolved Logical2u "Human outsider" crash 
has duplicate 0003540resolved Toady One Adventurer Creation Crash [Outsider Skill Menu] 
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Toady One   
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This is fixed for 0.31.18.