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0003609Dwarf FortressTrueTypepublic2010-11-14 11:312010-12-01 08:42
Windows XP Professional5.1, Build 2600
0003609: Crash when zoomed far out, with truetype in 2D modes
The game crashes when zoomed out too far; Truetype is enabled and the PRINT_MODE is 2D or 2DASYNC, it did not happen in STANDARD as truetype seemed to be auto disabled in that mode.
Set [PRINT_MODE:2D] & [TRUETYPE:YES] zoom all the way out
Tested in Dwarf mode, and adventure. With and without Mayday. Seems to be a problem with truetype.

Related to 0003187
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duplicate of 0002750resolved Baughn Crash when zooming in Windowed mode (TrueType related) 
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