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Toady One 
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0003611: Memorial slab with no name.
I decided to try out the new memorial slabs and after a few deaths occured, I was able to have four of them engraved with names and dates of death.

One of them was my miner that died encased in ice. Two were kobold thieves my dogs ripped into pieces and the fourth one I have no idea where it comes from.

The fourth (or rather second, as it comes as a second option in the Craftsdorf workshop when specifying what to engrave) doesn't list any name and the dates of birth and death are both 251. I checked the stocks screen and didn't find any corpses that would point to which body the nameless slab refers to.

The only two possibilities I can think of is that it's either an unborn baby whose mother died in my region or one of the many animals I had my farmers butcher.
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Hm, I can't seem to find the edit button anywhere. Anyways, the category should be Dwarf Fortress, not Adventure mode.
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Updated category.
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I did some testing and I have discovered that butchering newborn puppies is what's causing the problem.

I've just ordered my farmers to slaughter almost all animals in my fort and checked the Craftsdorf workshop "Engrave Memorial Slab" option after each death. It remained unchanged (3 names, one no-named) up until the first newborn puppy died and then second, bringing the total up to three no-named engraving options.

I also tried slaughtering a nameless stray war dog, there was no change. Why does this only happen with newborn puppies I do not know.
2010-11-14 15:34   
Actually, there's another easy source of unnamed memorials: war trolls.
Toady One   
2012-03-27 05:24   
They should all get some kind of name now.