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0003677: Ammunition too large/heavy
A single stack of 25 iron arrows/bolts weighs 29Γ, making a single arrow/bolt weigh over a kilogram. The density of iron seems to indicate that an arrow is about 150 cubic centimeters in size, which appears to match the [SIZE:150] in item_ammo.txt.

If the arrow shaft was 1cm in diameter (over 3/8 inch, even bigger than medieval arrows in real life), that would make the arrow about 191 centimeters long; assuming a more reasonable 100 centimeter length, this would put the shaft's diameter at 1.4cm, over half an inch.

There's also the fact that metal ammunition is treated as being made of solid metal - while this might be reasonable for crossbow bolts, it makes no sense whatsoever for arrows.
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Also, arrows and bolts probably shouldn't be the same size.
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These numbers may have been fudged to get ranged damage into the right ballpark.
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It's also an issue in adventure mode. When carrying around 50 or so bolts/arrows, your adventurer is slowed down quite a bit by their weight. And 50 is not so much for a long trip (at least from my experience).

If they're heavy because of the damage they're supposed to inflict maybe they should fly faster ?
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