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0003835Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cancellation and Suspensionpublic2010-12-22 00:402012-03-06 09:27
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0003835: Dwarf tried to collect thread and then cancels task: "unable to find path"
This has happened even after I've rebuilt the loom in other locations. I know the thread is reachable because my dwarves have walked actually walked there and built a loom. I have 2 weavers and both are capable of other tasks. It worked earlier but now it doesn't, even after saving and loading. I have save if you want one.
Build loom with access to CS and GCS thread.
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duplicate of 0001254resolved Toady One When cavern is breached, web collection pathfinding spams with "unable to find path" 
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