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0003902Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Transport/Haulingpublic2011-01-22 20:302012-01-08 15:48
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0003902: Dwarf teleports into cavern
...really not sure where to put this, but it was in fortress mode, so going to put it here.

The short version: my mason discovered a new section of the caverns by landing in them.
Either through three Z-levels of solid rock and another two of open space (I'm pretty sure he was on the surface before, working on the wall), or through the wall encircling where I had first breached these caverns.
This was accompanied by the usual long list of "you have discovered X!" that shows up whenever you explore a new section of the caverns.
The mason is also uninjured, although he's a bit thirsty at the moment. I'm wondering if he just happened to be on the wrong side of the last wall in the caverns - it was only completed relatively recently, this being the first year of the fort - but his physical distance from said wall at the time of the announcement suggests otherwise. Of course, said mason is also jobless right now due to the lack of pathing back to the surface.

Background information: late summer of the first year, first migrant wave somewhat-recently arrived. Temperate biome, first
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2011-01-23 13:29   
Was there a cave-in announcement? It sounds like he fell into the cavern by accident.
2011-01-23 15:06   
There was one with a misplaced floor tile, but I don't think that happened at the same time - and as I said, when I noticed where he was, there were three layers of solid rock above his head (plus an additional two of open space). The only place the caverns were breached at this point was at a 3x1 stairway I had walled off even to flying creatures. The dwarf couldn't path back into the fortress without removing a wall tile, and I was leery enough of this that I let him dehydrate.

Though, now that you've got me looking at positioning, he ended up more or less directly below my single 1x1 meeting area.
2011-01-23 15:51   
Were there any combat messages?
2011-01-25 08:55   
Please upload your save to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and post the link here.

Are you sure none of the walls/floors have been breached by ramps?
2011-03-08 10:58   
Reminder sent to: Skivverus

Do you have a save for this problem? If so, please upload it to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2011-03-08 20:58   
(edited on: 2011-03-08 21:13)
...I did make a backup of the .sav file once it occurred to me to do so - this was a fair bit after the discovery of the actual teleport, though, and dffd (just signed up for it) is saying I can't upload .sav extensions, which leads me to wonder if I didn't back up what I should have.

Edit: okay, looking at the bugged saves section, I need to zip the file first. Moment.

There we go.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3935 [^]

2012-01-08 10:47   
Reminder sent to: Skivverus

You only included the .sav file - you need to zip up the entire DF/data/save/region folder.

I'm going to resolve this report as your own initial report's additional information states "...he just happened to be on the wrong side of the last wall in the caverns..." which is a common reason why masons get stuck in strange places.

If you feel this doesn't adequately describe your situation, please reopen this report and post a full save showing the problem.
2012-01-08 11:31   
See 0000448.
2012-01-08 13:42   
That would've been helpful to know earlier - I've long since patched up to 0.31.25, and the only backup I've got is of the .sav file. I'm honestly not sure how effective it would be even if I did have the region folder still around to back up, since, as I said, it didn't occur to me to backup the save right away.

Still, I do have to say, if he'd been down on the wrong side of the wall earlier and pathed over on his own, I'd have expected the list of "you have discovered X!" to have been in shorter increments than the page-plus that it turned out to be. He also had the flashing question mark that (to me, at least) indicates he *was* going somewhere but can't path there anymore.
By comparison, I later turned on plant gathering for him and had him explore the caverns manually (didn't occur to me to put him in the military and explore that way) - the "you have discovered X!" messages came in five or six line increments.
2012-01-08 15:48   
Ok, we'll leave it resolved as a relation of 0000448 for now - if you happen to reproduce it, we can reopen it with a new save.

The underground is revealed in chunks, so if he was moving around even slightly and was near the borders of those chunks, he could have revealed several of them and generated many discovery announcements.