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0003921Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Immigrationpublic2011-02-02 16:092011-02-03 09:01
PCWindows XPSP3 - 32 bit
0003921: Immigration not obeying population cap
Three times now I have had immigrants while having over my population cap "[POPULATION_CAP:35]" copied from d_init.
Extremely annoying, my computer cannot handle an unlimited amount of dwarves. So I created a save to keep until resolved, can upload save upon request, first immigrant arriving at save time.
Please fix I can't play a productive fort past two - three years now. Thank you.
Use my save, wait for immigration will always come even if changes to the d_init file is made.
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duplicate of 0002922resolved Toady One Population Cap not working 
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