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0003965Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Beastspublic2011-02-16 13:172011-02-22 14:48
Toady One 
0003965: Megabeasts killed still living through world gen
Noticed normal creatures (elves, dwarves, human) sometimes kill megabeast now, and sometimes the beasts continue to attack sites and people on world gen after its death.
Generate a world, look for a killed megabeast
I remember this bug from a long time ago. Maybe a comeback?
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2011-02-16 13:30   
I can confirm this, with a roc. In all screens it showed up as dying in the year 21, and was listed as the kill of the hero who did slay it, but it continued to attack and steal for six years after that.
2011-02-18 11:22   
Confirmed. Roc died in 7, continued to kill elves until 62.
Toady One   
2011-02-20 04:12   
As far as I can tell, I found the missing death checks.