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0003976: Masons/mechanics can make "stone" items from lumps of clay
I placed a clay gathering zone and gathered some clay at a kiln, then built a mason's workshop and a mechanic's workshop and ordered some stuff to be made, at which point the mechanic constructed a clay mechanism and the mason started making clay furniture.

This doesn't strike me as something that should be possible (though I could certainly be wrong)...
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2011-02-17 08:57   
This suggests that [ITEMS_HARD] and [ITEMS_QUERN] are not actually being respected, since SOIL_TEMPLATE lacks both of those tokens.
2011-02-17 11:09   
Are the clay mechanisms/furniture actually usable by dwarves?

2011-02-17 12:25   
My dwarves made clay doors/chairs/tables, and are using them without difficulty. Didn't try to use clay mechanism.
2011-02-17 12:39   
I successfully used 2 sandy clay mechanisms to make a screw press. I didn't try making a lever or a trap, but it'd probably work just fine.
2011-02-17 13:12   
Related to this, stonecrafters are also using clay to make what I think are large cut gems.
2011-02-17 13:51   
My dwarves have made several silty clay blocks, which I then built into a silty clay wall.
2011-02-17 17:47   
My Dwarves used up purchased clay to make stone crafts - a supreme waste of purchasing effort.
2011-02-19 01:01   
Lumps of clay are also treated as stones by stockpiles. They will go to stone stockpile even if you disable all stone types in it.
They are also listed in Stocks screen both under stones and under clay.
Toady One   
2011-02-20 04:07   
I've handled the jobs I could find, hopefully all of them. I'm going to handle the stockpiles with 0003960.