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Toady One 
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0003982: Outside Nest Boxes Claimed by Wild Animals
Placed a nest box outside. A wild giant eagle flew in and claimed it. Since the wild animals leave the map, I doubt that particular eagle will return, rendering the box useless to my tame animals.
Place nest box outside in biome with giant eagles.
has duplicate 0004002resolved Dwarfu Wild birds laying eggs in nest boxes. 
has duplicate 0004116resolved Footkerchief Duck attack 
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2011-02-16 22:16   
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http://i881.photobucket.com/albums/ac11/Mondoshawan/heythatsmine.jpg [^]

May be intentional, she laid eggs in it.

2011-02-16 22:17   
A buzzard did similar to my nest boxes (and left a few eggs), but the nest boxes are no longer claimed by it, as it's long gone.
2011-02-16 22:23   
Appears a single giant eagle will claim all available nest boxes. I put two more up there and she claimed all three.
2011-02-17 12:39   
Same happens to me with wild ducks. they keep coming and laying eggs in my nest box.
2011-02-17 16:08   
That's .. kinda what nest boxes are for, isn't it?

It's certainly why I have one on my balcony.
2011-02-18 02:11   
Well, say that again when a Giant Eagle mother claims it. But i also think this is intentional.
2011-02-18 08:58   
Naros: Any animal on the map magically knows where it is and will claim it. If you build a nest box, every freaking duck, turkey, buzzard, etc. (maybe even alligators?) will raid your fortress to lay eggs in them. It's a tad silly.
2011-02-18 17:16   
It should be noted that during a season change boxes that are claimed by a non-present animal will be freed.

The bug also includes dead or slaughtered animals who have claimed a nest, and these DO NOT clear seasonally.