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0003989Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cleaningpublic2011-02-17 02:492011-02-22 04:09
Toady One 
0003989: When wax cakes placed in stockpile, dwarves try to to clean them up
My dwarves haul the wax cakes made when pressing honeycombs into my food stockpile (though I don't know why exactly they do this, since I don't see wax cakes listed anywhere in the settings). When that dwarf drops the wax cake onto the stockpile, an idle dwarf rushes up to clean it, as they seem to think that it's something that needs to be cleaned up. As such, it is very difficult to actually make wax crafts. Save demonstrating this is here: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3805 [^]
1) Download the linked save and extract it to DF's save folder
2) 't' over the screw press to see two wax cakes, then unpause and follow them when they are hauled to the stockpile two z-levels above.
3) When a wax cake is dropped on the stockpile, one of the idlers will quickly move over it and clean it, destroying the wax cake.

(There is a honeycomb sitting around that can be pressed if you want to see this again.)
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Wax cakes are objects of type GLOB with the state SOLID_PRESSED - perhaps the game is getting confused and treating it as something that requires cleanup (such as cooled globs of metal left behind after draining a magma trap).

2011-02-20 06:14   
They do this even if some of the wax is forbidden. I had one which I had successfully locked into place by forbidding it. When a second one was added to the stockpile, a Dwarf rushed over and cleaned up both wax globs.
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Try adding [STOCKPILE_GLOB_PRESSED] to the WAX_TEMPLATE entry in the region-specific material_template_default.txt, just below [STOCKPILE_GLOB].