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0004002Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Animalspublic2011-02-17 12:342011-02-18 00:37
lowminorhave not tried
SDLWin 7 64
0004002: Wild birds laying eggs in nest boxes.
Wild Ducks keep flying into my hen enclosure and lay eggs in one of my empty nest boxes. Than they are killed by dwarves as and intruding animal.
Have a wild bird population on the map. Build a spare nest box, witch you leave unoccupied. watch wild birds come to you.
It only started once i have build enough nest boxes for one of them to stay unoccupied.
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duplicate of 0003982resolved Toady One Outside Nest Boxes Claimed by Wild Animals 
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Well you can close this one, By the time I have typed it, someone has posted the same problem.