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0004018Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Petspublic2011-02-18 14:012011-03-08 05:13
Toady One 
0004018: Grazing animals don't spread out in pasture zone, starve to death as a result
I designate a large zone as a pasture area. Grazing animals die of starvation despite the majority of the area still having grass because they like to hang around the top-left corner of the rectangular zone.
1) Designate a huge pasture zone and assign animals to it.
2) Check back a couple months later to see if they're grazing evenly or they're hovering around one specific location and starving themselves out.
related to 0004113resolved Toady One Large grazers (elephants and giraffes) can't eat fast enough to keep from starving 
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2011-02-19 19:42   
Confirming this issue. I can supply a save if need be.
2011-02-24 09:26   
Confirming too. If you forget to micromanage and keep moving the zone, you end up having to just slaughter them before they starve.
2011-02-24 12:01   
Reminder sent to: Psieye, SirPenguin

A save might be helpful for this one. http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]
2011-02-24 14:46   
I've only seen this in a tamed herd of elephant. I also trained them.

Spreading them around several pastures did not save them, so I initially figured that being assigned as a working animal and to a pasture somehow interfered with the feeding, untill I saw this bug report.
2011-02-24 15:06   
Thanks for the reminder, Footkerchief. I had forgotten to upload my save.

http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3846 [^]

In it, you can see my pasture is very large. The yak to the west is starving to death, and hasn't really moved beyond the 4 tiles of peat you can see. The cow to the south is only hungry, but again, he doesn't really move beyond that area. I wanted to upload the save prior to the yak dying so Toady (or whoever) could see that part of the bug.
2011-02-24 17:33   
(edited on: 2011-02-24 17:39)
It seems to happens with any animal. If you stick about a dozen or so into a large pasture, you'll notice that they're very crowded around the NW corner.

The easiest way to see this is to embark with a heap of animals and nothing else, though I can upload a save too, if need be.

EDIT: Er, which you can no longer do? Have I been away from df that long or have I just not noticed before?

Hm. Well, if you play for about a year and save up animals (you seem to get a lot from migrants) you can also see this.

2011-02-25 06:38   
I uploaded a save for another issue: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=3847 [^]

But you can see the pasture problem there too.

As you can see, I've been shaping the zone to try to get them away from eaten parts, but they still hang out MOSTLY (not exclusively) in the NW corner.