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0004050Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshoppublic2011-02-21 23:462011-03-21 03:49
Toady One 
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0004050: Plants stored in large glass pots are not used by jobs, and other irregularities with pots
My dwarves are cancelling milling/plant processing/brewing jobs because of lack of materials. My stockpile has plenty of appropriate plants, and they're allowed in the kitchen settings, but only in large green glass pots. Dwarves appear to be ignoring the plants in large pots when looking for job items.
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related to 0004154resolved Toady One Glass and porcelain pots, even ones that contain booze, don't show up in Trade Depot list 
related to 0003071resolved Toady One All hardcoded materials (glass etc) have uninitialized MAX_EDGE and ABSORPTION and crappy yield/fracture/strain values 
related to 0004213new  Stone pots weigh less than wooden barrels. 
parent of 0004149resolved Toady One Glass pots cannot be used for brewing/storing. 
related to 0004054resolved Toady One Food stockpiles refuse to use barrels. 
related to 0003986resolved Toady One Large pots can hold infinite amounts of food (prepared meals and plants) 
related to 0004135resolved Toady One Large pots are placed in furniture stockpiles regardless of settings. 
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Clarification: There are plenty of plants, but they're all stored in large green glass pots. The ones stored in wooden barrels were used.
2011-03-09 12:05   
Reminder sent to: Toady One

Hey Toady -- this (and 0004149) seem to occur specifically with glass pots, and may have been related to the problems with glass materials, so they might be fixed now.

Also, there are several other problems with pots:
2011-03-11 20:59   
This occurs for me with regular stone pots too. I have 4000+ plump helmets in a single pot and get "No distillable item" messages. Also the kitchens stopped cooking food despite a meat pot with 40+ items in it. It looks like no job will check pots of any kind for a source item currently..