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0004213Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2011-03-13 15:012012-02-15 09:37
0004213: Stone pots weigh less than wooden barrels.
And mysteriously, hold as much as their counterparts. (possibly more)
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related to 0004050resolved Toady One Plants stored in large glass pots are not used by jobs, and other irregularities with pots 
related to 0004979resolved Toady One Tool weight ignores [SIZE] 
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Internally, barrels are [SIZE:20000], while large pots are [SIZE:5000], so this is at least partially behaving correctly (pots are coded to be 1/4th the size of barrels) - however, due to 0004979, large pots actually only have [SIZE:1000], making this a bit more extreme than it's supposed to be (only 1/20th the size of barrels).